My Humblest Thanks

Heartfelt thanks go out to the many readers who supported me when I first serialized this book on Wattpad.  I’d also like to thank Mary L. Tabor, Cherry Shrestha, Laura Shaw, Ana Simons, and Daryl Smith.  Thank you, Lisa Stancin, for your encouragement always, in my other life (the real one), and I’d be remiss to thank John Stancin for his unintentional contribution to this book in the Savasana scene.

Thank you to Elaine Kennedy, who did a fabulous job editing this book, making sure Ashe sounded as English as he could possibly sound, and for reminding me just how much I love sentence fragments.  Any existing grammatical and formatting mistakes—including sentence fragments—are my own.

Most of all, a huge debt of gratitude goes out to my family, for your never-ending patience and belief in me.  And thank you to my little guy and biggest fan, Lucas, who makes every day being your mommy such a blessing.


Loving Ashe Copyright © 2015 by Velvet Madrid. All Rights Reserved.


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